A chosen one is an individual born into the world every generation (about once every 30 years) with superior physical abilities that make them adept at fighting demons. At any given time, there should be at least 7 chosen ones -- one for each region, though there may be more.

In the series, there have been nine identified chosen ones (one by mention only) each with different weapons number of abilities and weapons.

Chose One Lore Edit

When finding a new Chosen One, at least for the North America region, you will know them, at minimum, by the following signs:

  • Mark of Hamesh
  • Mole of Brad
  • Dewey 'stache of Gin'd'desh, may cause you to get shivers when the light catches it just right

Gary had all the above sign when discovered by the Demon Ministry 30 years ago. Tucker also possesses the signs when discovered by Gary in 2019

List of Known Chosen Ones Edit

  • Gary (Active c.1990 to 2019, 2020 to Present)
    • Region: North America
    • Weapon: Sword
    • Power: Telekinesis / Clairvoyance
  • Haruki (Active c.1990 to 2019; Mentioned by name only)
    • Region: Asia
    • Weapon: Unknown
    • Power: Unknown
  • Maddison (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: Oceania
    • Weapon:  Didgeridoo
    • Power: Summon Crocodile
  • Tamba (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: Africa
    • Weapon: Throwing Star
    • Power: Psychic Emotional Trigger
  • Axel (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: Europe
    • Weapon: Hammer
    • Power: Summon The Krampus
  • Ursa (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: Unknown (Possibly Russia or Antartica)
    • Weapon: Penguin
    • Power: Summon Penguin
  • Daniel (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: South/Central America
    • Weapon: Bolas
    • Power: Summon Harpy Eagle
  • Sakura (Active c. 2019 to present)
    • Region: Asia
    • Weapon: Heart
    • Power: Unknown
  • Tucker (Active c. 2019 to 2020)
    • Region: North America
    • Weapon: Dual Sai
    • Power: Super Strength

Seven Star Edit

When seven chosen one's of different regions combine the powers of their weapons, they can summon a giant robot known as the Seven Star. The Seven Star is notoriously difficult to control -- no known chosen one has ever piloted it successfully.

The Seven Convention Edit

There is a yearly convention between all of the chosen ones from each of the seven different regions.

2019 Convention Edit

At the 2019 convention, which takes place in Japan, Gary learns that he is the only one of his generation of chosen ones who has yet to retire.