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Janine was Gary's fiancé who was murdered by Flesher.

Janine's Death Edit

In 1999, Gary and Janine had been in love for a while.

After seeing the movie Code 2, the couple went swing dancing. There, Gary got into a fight with a number of demons who had been rude to Janine. After a night of sweet love making, Gary planned to ask Janine to marry him -- only to discover that she had been kidnapped by Fleshler, an associate of the demons from the night before.

Gary went to Fleshler's night club to rescue Janine. Fleshler's agreed to free her in exchange for Gary's magic sword. He had revealed Gary's plan to propose and after Janine said that she would have said "yes", Fleshler stabbed her in the back.

Gary went on a rampage killing all the demons in the night club, apparently including Fleshler. Unfortunately, he was unable to save Janine's life. This sent Gary into a deep depression for the rest of his life up until now.

Death of janine