Mr. Stripes, also know as "Bertie", was a tiger that saved Gary's life when he was entrapped by a demon and died due to wounds sustained in the fight.

Before dying, Mr. Stripes and Gary had a brief, yet close relationship.

Mr. Stripe's Death Edit

Mr. Stripes was doomed from the moment he and Gary met. He saved Gary's life from an arachnid demon but immediately fell ill due to injury. It became apparent that the tiger was infected and would become vicious and violent before dying after a short time.

Nevertheless, the Gary and Mr. Stripes spent the next few days as an inseparable pair. Eventually, Marito and Gavin found a cure for the tiger's disease, but by this time Mr. Stripe's increasing aggression had caused him to pass the infection on to Gary.

There was only enough of the antidote to dose either Gary or Mr. Stripes. As a final act of compassion, Mr. Stripes forcefully injected Gary with the antidote placing him into a coma. By the time Gary awoke, he had been cured; but as Hanley informed him, Mr. Stripes died peacefully in his arms while asleep. Gary had just lost his best friend for the second time in his life.